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Meet the Digits Video

Meet the Digits wins Two Nonprofit Video Awards

  • DoGooder Nonprofit Video Award - First place in Medium Nonprofit Cateogry, 2011. Click for details.
  • Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival - Best PSA, 2011

For more than 28 years, Austin's Ronald McDonald House has been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. RMHC Austin celebrates the many families that have stayed here, but we also look towards future needs, and we have introduced a new video to help us tell this story.

This video is a unique way to convey our familiar messages:

    * We help families when they need it most.
    * Our doors never close.
    * We need your support.

Shiny Object stepped up and “lent a hand” to the cause by conceptualizing a one-of-a-kind short film using live action and miniatures.

Your donation today helps us keep our doors open for the hundreds of families who come to us each year.

Watch our other family videos or read about Rebel and Ryder Turner who were born 78 days early.

Meet the Digits Script

Meet the Digits: Phil, Angie, Lucy, and Jim. An ordinary family enjoying an ordinary summer - until Lucy surprised everybody by falling from her favorite tree, which landed her in an Austin hospital.

The Digits didn't live close enough to drive there every day, but they needed to be with Lucy while she healed. That's when Phil and Angie remembered a small donation they made to a wonderful place they were sure they'd never need.

Since 1985 Ronald McDonald House Austin has been keeping families of sick or injured kids together while their children are undergoing care.

Here, the Digits found good food...comfy beds...a loving staff...and the support of other families.

It's a proven fact that kids heal faster when the people they love are close by. When Mom and Dad were with her, they were rested and calm, which is exactly what Lucy needed.

Last year, Ronald McDonald House Austin served people from all walks of life from 92 counties in Texas and 19 other states. We also had guests from Oaxaca, Mexico; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and a little town in Denmark that we can't pronounce.

People who live too far away can stay overnight, but anyone with a child receiving care can come for meals, or just a quiet spot to think.

Volunteers generously donate their time to help with housework and make the meals. And no, you can't take them home with you, but if you ever need to come back, they'll be waiting with open arms!

We sure hope you never need us. But Ronald McDonald House Austin needs you. Since the day we opened our doors we have never closed them...Not for a day, not for an hour.

With your friendship, we'll keep on providing loving care and comfort when families need it most...

So, in keeping with the long tradition of Texans helping Texans, we ask you to please donate this very special, absolutely essential cause.

Thanks to our friends at Momentum PR for their management of this project on our behalf.



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