Spare Change and Pull Tabs

Collect spare change instead of pull tabs to make an even bigger difference

Small things can make a big difference for children and families


Your donations at a McDonald's drive-thru or at the counter, stay here in Austin to support families receiving life-saving medical care in Austin hospitals. Here's how this works.




Help small change become real change with Coinstar!

Coinstar: Collect. Give. Hope.

RMHC is now a partner charity in Coinstar’s Coins that Count program. Try this new opportunity! Take your spare change to your nearest Coinstar machine, located in most major grocery stores, and donate your change to RMHC. It’s easy! Drop your coins into the machine and select "Donate to RMHC!" to have your change end up at our House. Learn more about the program and download posters here.

Kids and their families can start a class competition, host a bake sale or lemonade stand, or do chores and good deeds around the house that can be rewarded with change.  Schools, clubs, and troops are just some of the organizations that are a good fit for the Coinstar program.  Check out the Kids Guide that kids and families can use to get started. Download our sticker template to print stickers for your collection containers. Set a collection goal and use the RMHC/Coinstar collection thermometer to chart your progress toward reaching your goal.

Every donation counts, adding up to provide the kind of compassion, comfort and hope that RMHC is known for. Coin by coin; dollar by dollar; your donation will make a big difference to RMHC families.

Learn how your support helps families by reading or watching some of our family stories here

Please note: Coinstar machines at Walmart, Safeway and casino locations do not participate in the program.

Collect Pull Tabs

Over the years, our friends and supporters have collected millions of aluminum pull tabs (also known as pop tabs) to support our programs. We simply recycle them for the cost of the aluminum.

We will continue to accept and recycle pull tabs, but we want to let you know that there are other ways to support RMHC that will have a greater impact on our ability to support families with hospitalized children.

The facts about pull tab donations:

- In 2011 we made $2,147 from recycling pull tabs.
- For each pound of pull tabs, we receive approximately 50 cents.
- There are 1267 pull tabs in a pound.
- That means we recycled 5,440,498 tabs.
- If you fill one of our pull tab houses with pennies, it will add up to $12.00! That same box full of pull tabs equals only about 50 cents.

If it is convienent for you, please deliver all aluminum pull tabs to Austin Metal and Iron at 1000 East 4th St. Austin, TX 78702 and let them know you were saving them for RMHC Central Texas. They will add the proceeds to our account!  If you are not able to, we will still accept them at the Ronald McDonald House.

Looking for other ideas?


Collect supplies on your own, or get your school, club, church or office to have a Wish List Drive.


Create your own individual or team fundraising page and watch the donations grow!

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